Social Responsibility Policy

Our family serving roofers since 1983.

Social Responsibility Policy

Adopted in May 2015


After reviewing its activities, Le Centre de Toitures B & S Ltée and Les Produits Murphco Ltée called “the companies” agreed to adopt a first social responsibility policy in spring 2015.

This approach reflects the desire of senior management to continue the development of its activities, while recognizing four major areas on which it bases the general principles of its mission.

1 – Working Environment

Employees remain our greatest resource. This is why the companies use the term Human Capital to speak about its employees. Together they form a force and they contribute fully to the achievement of our objectives.

Companies value within a workplace, and they also undertake to comply with government standards for health and safety regulations. They invest in prevention and in the equipment to offer the latest technologies.

As part of their activities, the companies subscribe to the principles of diversity and invite people of all backgrounds to submit their applications.

2 – Community Engagement

The companies have a vision of proximity with their customers. Because they are operated according to a family model, they prefer direct communication with the different actors of the community.

The companies are committed to support charitable organizations contributing to the Southwest of Montreal development, particularly with the aim of helping disadvantaged young people and those that promote good habits and the promotion of physical activity.

3 – Respect for the environment

Companies are aware that maintaining the environment and ecosystems are important for the sustainability of future generations and communities.

This is why companies undertake to deal with suppliers who meet and exceed government regulations.

Companies also promote the best practices in energy management and resources. Thus, companies are actively involved in recycling all materials when possible.

The use our vehicle’s fleet is designed to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases.

4 – Ethics Sense

The companies have an internal code of ethics that recall the obligations of good ethical practices.

To this end, the companies have signed integrities conventions, including one from l’Association des maîtres-couvreurs du Québec (AMCQ).

Integrity is defined as moral value that serves as a reference and guides our choices and our actions. It involves a concept of honesty. A person of integrity is a person you can count on, the choice of values ​​are reliable and stable. Integrity also means the ability of a person to respect its commitments and principles. The person of integrity is willing to be held accountable.